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Hearts With Wings

Someday, I am gonna grow wings

Why not?
soooo, this is where you get to know the creature known as Rachel a little better.

I live with my fantastic boyfriend and an adorable cat
I like to make things with my hands
I am extremely messy
I am technically an adult but i don't particularly act like one
I like to walk barefoot in the summer
I have decided i am unnaturally fond of painting/drawing on people, myself included.
In case you haven't noticed yet, i also like to rant
rant rant rant
alright i'm done for now
this gets added to randomly, check back on occasion and see what's new
I update my actual journal A LOT, so beware

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any love that is love is right.
francesca lia block

Zombies are love.

80's cartoons, alice in wonderland, amy brown, angels, animation, anime, anything fun, anything with wings, arm socks, art, bad horror movies, bchs, beetlejuice, being spiritual, bisexuality, black and purple nailpolish, black and white movies, boys, brian froud, bright colors, building forts, calvin and hobbes, candy, cartoons, chinese food, chobits, chocolate, collecting things, college life, coloring books, combat boots, comics, cult movies, cute monsters, dancing, dancing alone, dangerous angels, danny elfman, daria, daydreaming, doing nothing, dr. suess, dragons, drawing, dreams, dresses, duct tape, dumpster diving, edward scissorhands, electronica, fae, faeries, fairy tales, feminism, fern gulley, fight club, fireflies, fishnets, francesca lia block, freaks, gay and lesbian rights, geeks, girls, glitter, good times, horror movies, invader zim, johnny depp, jthm, kissing, kitties, lawn gnomes, mail art, mermaids, mini skirts, movies, mud, muse, music, my little pony, mystery science theater 3000, mythology, neil gaiman, neon lights, octopi, oingo boingo, pin up girls, pixies, poetry, purple, pyschology, queen, radiohead, rainbow brite, rainbows, random junk, ranting, raving, reading, reconstructed clothes, recycling, rocky horror picture show, safety pins, salvador dali, secrets, sketching, small plastic toys, small shiny objects, snuggle buddies, sparkly things, spirited away, stalking, stars and moons, starving artists, stolen icons, straight edge, strawberry shortcake, striped socks, surrealism, sushi, swedish fish, techno, the breakfast club, the moon, the nightmare before christmas, the princess bride, the sandman, things that squeak, thrift shopping, tim burton, tinkerbelle, trashion, twilight zone, unicorns, useless blobs, vintage beauty, vintage clothing, weetzie bat, weird science, weirdos, whimsy, windchimes, women, writing poetry, zombies,