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I'm ALIVE [Mar. 23rd, 2010|11:34 pm]
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[mood |awakeawake]

hi guys
i'm losing steam on this thing, can you tell?

its not that i dont ahve iteresting things to say,its that i never feel the need to type them up anymore. i just, say them to whoevers closest....or update twitter or facebook
idk im terrible i've gotten out of the habit somehow

so work has been alright/interesting......there's this one guy that keeps causing problems and being a jerk and keeping us open late and stressing us all out...but i havent seen him in almost a week? so maybe he got bored of torturing us. one can hope :D
otherwise i really like work, we have almost a fully staffed store and i like all the tasks i have to do on a regular basis, like today i got to sort and price jewelry, which is always fun. also i like my boss (i have no idea how much i am repeating myself, i'm too lazy to reread old posts to check)

i recently went on a necklace-making kick, i'm seriously considering/planning a website ( i was gonna have various people make me one, but i give up, i'll just use one of those pre-set sites...whatever) AND an etsy site. idk i have no explanation, like ayear ago Abby wanted to go halfsies on one and i was like SURE but hten couldnt for the life of me make anything small/fast/sellable....and now i have a billion ideas that are JUST THAT (and also awesome) so.....who knows
anyways, here's the link to photos of the stuff i've made so far
my next trick is going to be a beaded collar around a tank top, the imagery will be bleeding teeth :P

and then i gotta finish my intestines eventually (i'm just stalling at this point, i'm kind of bored of it)

AND THEN i'm goig to try my hand at bleach stenciling, i got a black cotton dress i want to bleach a t-rex skeleton onto, its a size 2 and its for practice, but i hope it comes out well :D

oh shit and i fell in love with all my shitty necklaces so now i have to think up something else to give away to people for that art mailing thing i did to myself. oops. i think it will give me an excuse to draw
there is nowhere NEAR enough time in a given week for me to get this shit done, especially when i have house guests on the way and i have to clean BUT i am excited to see people :)

ahhhh its late i should sleep
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uplifting music sometimes gets to me more than i like to admit [Feb. 28th, 2010|11:21 pm]
Why not?
[mood |draineddrained]

hi again
so uhhh, i have more pleasant things to say, but first a RANT

so yes, that was my yesterday

i also hung out with vince two nights this weekend and watched a bunch of movies, which was pretty awesome

today i got up extra early to help work rearrange our dishes section into rainbow order (not my idea i SWEAR) which was kind of fun in its own way, and then our manager bought us all breakfast at the diner which was cool, it just sucked cuz after all that i still had a shift at work where i was GUESS WHAT AGAIN down a cashier. :P it wasn't as bad as the day before tho. it was suggested that perhaps the reason this keeps happening is because people thing im easy? or not scary? or something? so perhaps i should work on developing a stern expression sometimes. idk

but yeah, dispite whatever stresses my work-weekend may have held, tonys stress-story wins out, basically he just put in a full day of work on a sunday night unexpectedly

so we are both trying to relax and then hopefully get a restful nights sleep?
that is all!
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ahhhhh i still need to clean the apartment ahhhhhh [Feb. 25th, 2010|09:19 pm]
Why not?
[mood |blahblah]

today was my day off inbetween getting back into the swing of things at work AND having to work this weekend....its been sort of a bumpy transition? bascially i keep waking up too early and not being able to fall back asleep so i'm tired at work and then i don't have the energy to really enjoy what little night have when i get home. idk its odd
and then today i woke up early cuz my stomach hurt and then it kept hurting on and off all day which kind of took the enthusasim out of me for what i wanted to get done with the day, namely cleaning and art projects. i did do SOME of both, just not as much as i would have liked. mostly i had a cat shaped tumor on my leg and watched bad tv (80's twilight zone marathon) and a few movies (Bread and Tulips, and Toy Story)
i AM however finishing up a project i should have completed like two months ago, i doubt anyone remembers but i did one of those chain thingys where you get people to make you something and then offer to make something in return....well its ALMOST DONE so i need people's mailing addresses.....you can email them to me at Rstandig(at)gmail(dot)com

I'm looking at you guys! send it!

and furthermore.....IM GONNA DO IT AGAIN
and maybe this time they'll get done within the year?
except.....maybe i'll post it via facebook instead? theres only a handful of people who use this thing anymore anyhow :/ and...other than a drawing by sam i didn't get anything? i might retool the rules, idk who started that thing to begin with, but i love art mailing chains! YES

uhhhhhh thats it, i just felt like sharing.

i keep putting off taking photos of the necklace i made, cuz i dont know what shirt to wear to make it look the best, but you can see it in my vacation photos already
i gotta work this weekend and i DONT WANNA
oh wells
time to take a shower
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Of Monkeys and Mojitos [Feb. 22nd, 2010|10:43 pm]
Why not?
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]

Hi guys! i'm back!

first, a list of all the books i read on vacation:

this is the first time i ever went somewhere and never really left the resort, it was also my first time going on vacation with just one person, AND more specifically with just tony, my fabulous boyfriend :D

it was a lot of fun and very relaxing, we spent a lot of time lounging around reading books, floating in the pool, and drinking mixed drinks. i feel like in some ways i wasn't really totally relaxed until it was almost time to leave. in a lot of ways, i feel like, just getting to spend 5 days just with tony was all the vacation i needed, we could have just stayed in a hotel in philly and i would have had just as much fun ^_^ THAT SAID being warm and floating in a pool for a few days was pretty great. i drank a LOT, mostly cuz i could? and, thats a lot by MY standards,maybe, five total in a day? still, it was awesome. the most fun part i think might have been getting our photos taken with a monkey, it tried to eat my hair!
you can see all my photos in the album on facebook from that link
swimming in the sea was great too...it was sunny at exactly the right time our last full day :)

honestly? my favorite part of the whole vacation was lying in bed together reading our books and watching the olympics. i am officially domesticated. <3


work today was a nice smooth reentry, a slow night and i got to do my favorite thing, which was lots of jewelry pricing and organizing. i love pawing through shiny things!

man i suck at summarizing any more.....i blame tv, it distracts me
i give up
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less posts, but longer ones when i do! [Feb. 14th, 2010|10:36 am]
Why not?
[mood |happyhappy]


yes yes, a thousand times yes. couldn't have said it better myself.
the above link is Neil Gaiman defending freedom of speech for comics, even "icky" comics, and it really does make all the points i myself would have made. censorship bothers the HELL out of me, especially where the "speech" in question is simply one persons opinion or a fictional work. anyway. he does a much longer better worded rant that i would so i will stop now

ANYWAYSCollapse )sorry...this post doesnt really have a clear point....uhhhhhhh
im in a good place these days, MUCH better as compared to this time last year....and.....that's it really.
something more in depth some other day, but now i gotta go shower and run a few errand before the tony wakes up for good.

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yup, still alive [Feb. 3rd, 2010|12:29 am]
Why not?
[mood |lovedloved]


i am wearing the one item of leopard-print clothing i currently own and feeling very pleased with myself :)

wooooooooo talked to charles instead of typing here no regrets! oh hey i recently found out at work that i have slightly more freedom in terms of dress coad ethan i thought, still gotta wear a denim shirt, but now i can wear another color under it and a necklace or something, so thats cool

OTHER WORK THINGS, that hearing/trial thing i was worried about? was hella awkward/long/stressful at times, BUT also im pretty sure went the way we wanted it to...and it was kind of nice to bond with some of the higher-ups? i found out theres a goodwill hosted recycled fashion show held every sept, so im totally going to that next year

ALSO i am learning how to do ALL the jobs at goodwill which is kind of fun
LOST was tonight, very entertaining

i feel like i had more to say whenn i started this thing....

i went to NYC to see people, of the albany persuasion, it was a fun time
mostly we did some bar hopping, went to a comic book store and a hookah bar and went out for a really nice steak dinner.....also tried out a new air mattress, it got a solid B

the intestine project is underway, i finished a prettty sweet necklace for my cousina nd forgot to take photos before sending it out, she got it and loves it so hopefully she will post photos wearing it soon and then i will show YOU. also im gonna make one for myself...and i promise to photograph that one :P

annnd im gonna wrap this up because it is offically BED TIME
PS EMILY : i havent written you a letter yet! sorry! i will get on that RIGHT AWAY

annnnd yes, thats it
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ugh, time to go drink some tea or something..... [Jan. 27th, 2010|11:22 am]
Why not?
[mood |anxiousanxious]

hi again!

this week is turning out to be more stressful than i expected

people calling in sick, meaning we were understaffed and i spent a lot more time on register than i expected, in addition to idk, not quite making the most of my free time? i think its just winter blahs honestly, because i DID do a lot with my free time this weekend/past few days. i've pretty much finished a freaking necklace for my cousin, and its going to KICK ASS so THERE

tomorrow is going to suck
i had agreed to come in early (like 7 am) to organize some shelves with the other managers, BUT THEN yesterday, the district manager calls and asks if i can be part of a tribunal for my OLD boss, who wants unemployment benefits, because she thinks she was wrongfully terminated? and they want me to show up to be like, "yes i witnessed her yelling at an employee who just wanted to leave work on time" which i am FINE with doing, because i think that kind of behavior is unacceptable and she needs to learn that one way or another, and if losing benefits is the way then so be it. BUT it also means like 3 hours of that which includes being in the same room as my old boss, which is going to be awkward and also, she does kind of scare me. BUT the assistant manager is going to be there too and he's a big guy so i'm not really WORRIED about my physical safety or anything, just, its going to be uncomfortable, and THEN when all that is said and done with, i'm still closing tomorrow night so i'm working a regular shift from noon-8:30 and im not even 100% sure im getting paid for the first half of my day......i think i am, but im not positive. idk


THAT SAID im going into NYC this weekend to meet up with various people from albany that i havent seen in FOREVER so that will be cool :D

and also i redyed my hair and it looks awesome
and kitty cuddles
and life is actually pretty damn awesome right now
but MAN am i not looking forward to tomorrow :/
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bored+meh mood= post? [Jan. 19th, 2010|11:33 am]
Why not?
[mood |anxiousanxious]

hi again, obviously i dont update regularly anymore, just when i feel like i have something to say...idk why i keep feeling like i need to justify this, its not like ANYONE ELSE I KNOW EVER updated daily at ANY point...but somehow i still feel guilty? like im providing a service with failing quality :P

ANYWAYS so, hi

yesterday was my day off since i worked the weekend and MAN DID I NEED IT, for various reasons some of which i can't really get into, sunday was hella stressful at work, and im still sorta stressed about it because im not sure what aftermath there will be today when i get in. Basically, i didn't do anything wrong...but there may be drama i have to deal with as a manager-type-person. BOO DRAMA

and a medical paperwork rant IF YOU DARECollapse )
so uh, yes.that's whats bothering me today. in case you were curious.
oh shit and i have to ask about where our W2 forms are at work too... sometimes i feel like a failure for letting my dad do my taxes and lots of other paperwork things for me, but most of the time i am SO GRATEFUL. does sucking at paperwork make me a dysfunctional adult? adults do paperwork right? ugh whatever.

if paperwork is the only part of life that really stresses me out anymore, than i'm doing pretty good.
OH HEY MAIL lets see if anything i want is in there *crosses fingers*

....not really, a reminder from the vet to get zara checked out, it was sort of fun last time :P toy and i were pretending it was her first day at school :P the vet is literally across the street so shes barely in the car at all which i like.
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whoah i just kept typing and typing and typing.....and typing [Jan. 18th, 2010|12:01 am]
Why not?
[mood |draineddrained]

hey guys, what up?

stuff that's going on.....

i recently started a new project that tony and i are going to work on together sloooooowly over time, we're covering my bowl chair cushion in patches and patterns, so it will look WAY cooler than the blue-beige plaid its been rocking for oh....11 years now? yeah. time for a change :P

work is weird...i like MY job, but theres a lot of turnover overall and like most of the cool people who were here when i got hired are leaving, and im sad :( that said some cool people are still sticking around and most who are leaving live really nearby anyways, so i might actually stay friends with them OUTSIDE of work, very exciting, but still EVERYONE IS LEAVING ME :P

um, on a related topic i DID just hang out with my work buddy Vince out in the real world last night for the first time ever, and it was pretty awesome. we worked all day together too so we basically were in the same room for like about 15 hours straight, which is pretty crazy. anyways, FRIENDSHIP YAY
there is more rambling below..BEWARECollapse )

time for bed/running the dishwasher
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...overshare? or just SHARING? :D [Jan. 15th, 2010|09:31 pm]
Why not?
[mood |amusedamused]

i have been spending WAY too much time looking at this
girls in underwear, that may or may not have other clothing on as well

also i love underwear that makes your ass looked like its wrapped up like a present :P

ANYWAYS um yes
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